Why did people not gather at Narendra Modi Stadium to watch the first match on 1st Day of World Cup?


The first match was played between the defending champions England and the second-ranked New Zealand cricket team at the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad.

But more than the debate about this match and its winner, there is discussion about the empty seats in the stadium during the match.

People are raising questions on social media that where did the public go in the opening match of the World Cup?

This match took place at Narendra Modi Stadium. It is not yet known how many viewers there were. But during the match, empty chairs were clearly visible in the stadium.

Some people say that 5th October was in the middle of the week. According to some, there were less spectators in the first match due to the absence of the lead nation India.

There are people who would have been after this, they say that if the match had been played in Wankhede, Mumbai instead of Ahmedabad, such a situation would not have happened.

Many social media users are also targeting BCCI Secretary Jay Shah for bad management.

In the first match, New Zealand defeated England by nine wickets. David Conway moved towards his first century of the competition for New Zealand.

Amid the match, senior journalist Punya Prasun Vajpayee wrote, “Cricket World Cup has started, the stadium is empty… If it was in a smaller town, it would have been better…”

England women’s cricket team player Danielle Waite wrote on X, “Where is the public?”

On this, Indian women’s cricket player Jemimah Rodrigues wrote, “Looking forward to the India vs Pakistan match.”

Another user wrote that very few people had gathered at the Narendra Modi Stadium to watch the first match of the World Cup. Poor management by Jai Shah.

The Narendra Modi Stadium will eventually surpass all other cricket stadiums in size.Cricket World Cup action has begun.. It has seating space for 1 lakh 32 thousand spectators.

During the match, commentator and former England captain Michael Atherton asked Ravi Shastri, who was commentating with him, whether there would have been more spectators if India had played the first match at the venue?

To this Shastri said, “Absolutely. Especially in such grounds, which have a capacity of one lakh people. I understand that you should have the finalists of the previous tournament in the match, but you should play host even at the cost of anyone.” If it was an England vs India match, your ground would be full. Even in the middle of the week, at least 70-80 thousand people would come. It creates an atmosphere.”

According to the report, since the 1999 World Cup, the host team has played in the first match of every tournament.

Amid criticism about the small audience, former cricketer Virender Sehwag said that perhaps more spectators would gather after office hours. However, he also said that school and college students should get free tickets for matches in which India does not play.

He said that when the joy of 50-over games is waning, such an approach will help youngsters experience the World Cup.

Former cricketer Irfan Pathan has responded to the criticism of Pakistanis.

Irfan Pathan did not write anyone’s name, but it is probably a message from Pakistan cricket expert Farid Khan. Farid Khan has also replied to Irfan’s tweet.

Irfan Pathan wrote, “They are feeling alone, so they are tweeting useless things. Don’t respond to this. These are the people who retweet your tweets to spread their tweets. World Cup in India It’s happening, and it’s happening in one of the best stadiums in the world. Enjoy the moment. Let them cry.”

Why did people not gather in the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad.?

Narendra Modi stadium

Before the match, BBC Gujarati correspondent Tejas Vaidya went outside the Narendra Modi Stadium to watch the match and talked to the fans present there.

Tejas says, “The match started at 2 o’clock and we stayed there till 4:30, when people kept coming. But the stadium was not as full as it should have been.

Due to extreme heat and temperature of 33-34 degrees Celsius in Ahmedabad, some people remained outside the stadium and went inside when the heat subsided.

According to the Indian Express report, a BJP leader had given driver passes for this match. Tejas Vaidya says that he met the people who had received such passes for this match. These were collected from him at 11-11:30 in the afternoon. It is natural for people to lose enthusiasm after waiting so long

“Second, you are only permitted to bring your purse and mobile device into the stadium.. Some people told us that BJP had also given coupons for tea and food along with the pass. But even though tickets are free, buying a water bottle inside is expensive. That is why many individuals choose not to attend.”

However, some fans told Tejas Vaidya that even reaching the stadium is difficult.

You’ll have to park far away if you drive, according to a supporter.. I will go in the morning, come back late at night. If there is no India match then why should we go?”

Is it that the inauguration ceremony did not take place?

Before the match, local officials were expecting half of the seats to be filled.

Many people are showing the lack of opening ceremony of the World Cup this time on social media as a reflection of the lack of public presence.

One commenter said, “BCCI and Jay Shah are bringing all the retail politics into cricket, transferring everything. No opening ceremony. No public in today’s New Zealand-England match. No talk of competition ruckus.” No. The World Cup song sucks. There’s no proper ticketing system.”

The World Cup opening ceremony was not organised, but the BCCI organized Captain’s Day in the evening, a day before the match between New Zealand and England. At the event, the ten team captains were questioned by former India coach Ravi Shastri and former England captain Ewan Morgan.

Despite this, Indian team captain Rohit Sharma said, “People are going to love this tournament. The stadiums will be packed. Indians love cricket. There will be a large tournament.”

Some fans expected that the match would be accompanied by an opening ceremony.

Tejas Vaidya told that he met some spectators who had undertaken the difficult task of coming from Pune and Kolhapur for this match.

Some people also came from New Zealand and England. But the local people did not react as they should have.”


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