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The focus of this Google Pixel 8 Pro review is the phone’s smart camera, just as it is with the Pixel 8 Pro.

Will smartphone technology advance to the point where the software is sufficient to address both the device’s and its users’ shortcomings and the hardware itself becomes secondary? With the Pixel series of phones, Google appears to be attempting to address this query right now. Given its expertise in AI, the Pixel 8 Pro is an indication that Google appears to be headed in the right path.

The design of the Google Pixel 8 Pro is distinctly Google Pixel. Nevertheless, I must admit that the Obsidian (a blackish grey) smartphone I received for evaluation was fashionable and distinguished from other models because this style is exclusive to Google. This Pixel smartphone is simpler to hold since its edges are softer and more curved than those of its predecessors. The camera hump, which is thicker than on most other phones but for good cause, is another feature that sticks out. The combination of lenses and sensors in the camera module makes it stand out and gives the phone its distinctive branding.

This is a Pixel phone

Given that the Pixel 8 Pro is essentially a smart camera with phone features, this is not a coincidence. Before I reveal to you the full range of capabilities of this smart camera, let me warn you that in a dull week of using it, I have scarcely found anything interesting enough to take pictures of. Please excuse me for that.

First off, I appreciate Google’s strategy for the camera app. The main decision to be made is whether to take a picture or a video; the other options are adjusted accordingly. So, you have to select the video tab before you can see features like slow motion and timelapse. This also makes sense considering that the Google camera has a lot more default settings than other phones. Making the camera app this way is preferable to just throwing video in there with all the other options.

Software wizardry is the foundation of the Pixel camera. And when you edit a picture or video, many of these are located in the tools area. Of course, the most potent feature is the one that lets you hide or erase objects from photos. View the picture I took one evening in Delhi of a dog and my shadow. In the picture is a self-appointed parking assistant. I could just use Magic Erase to get him out of the picture. Although Pixel has had it for a while, it is now far superior. Additionally, it looks best with a single-tone background, like the sky, or a dark background, like the one in the picture I’ve included.

The phone takes some time to offer actions for a given click depending on the camera angle when you select Edit. So keep in mind that not every image can be edited in the same way. The program offers a plethora of settings, including the ability to show only the subject in color and to recommend improvements and blur levels for portraiture shots. This is the best part, because you can make some really fashionable DPs.

Similar to this, you may remove noise or even layers of background sound from a video by using the audio erase option while editing videos. If not for this fantastic function, this would be a difficult chore to do. I could use the feature to make the video feel like it was filmed during the lockdown, even though the video clip I took on one of my late-night walks ended up with a lot of background traffic noise.

Unfortunately, neither from earlier clicks in Google images nor from any group images I took during the testing period could I get the best take feature to appear. But there’s something else about the Magic Editor option that appears in the corner of the screen when you click on Google Photos while editing.It truly allows you to alter old images in a whole new way. For example, I took out an old picture of all the cousins sitting for a picture and I took away the switchboard that was obtruding on the frame. I turned an old six-person selfie I took into a mega picture by blurring out the others and focusing on just three of us. Similar to Canva’s recently released Magic Editor, this one allows you to choose from a variety of frame possibilities.

Is the camera the only feature on the Google Pixel 8 Pro?

The short response is no. With its 12GB of RAM and Google’s Tensor G3 processor, this smartphone can integrate a lot of intelligent capabilities into whatever it is used for. The device handled everything during the week or so that I used it. Leaning on its powerful processor, the phone can also perform a few additional tasks.For example, you can ask it to read a webpage for you by using the Hey Google command or the Assistant button. And with a really nice accent, this worked pretty nicely. According to this, the recorder may now accurately and simultaneously transcribe voice memos. I’ve been using Otter for this task for a long time, however the Pixel could be a better fit for this use case because Otter’s free version has constraints. Voice is now a highly useful input method for messaging over the phone and for creating new Google Docs.

Conversely, I thought the Google Pixel 8 Pro weighed more than 210 grams, which was a touch weighty. Therefore, test the phone out before purchasing if it is a problem for you.

Additionally, a lot of the ideas that I received through Siri or search were in Hindi, which is not my preferred language. I manually turned it to English, yet some Hindi options persisted.

Should I get a Google Pixel 8 Pro?

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is a top smartphone in every way, but in my opinion, it’s really just a smart camera with extra phone functionality. This is the smartphone for you if you enjoy taking photos and don’t mind using AI to enhance the quality of your images. However, bear in mind that even while Google is widely used, you will be entering a niche with a Pixel phone, and there may be problems obtaining help nationwide. Indeed, at Rs 106,999, this phone is still pricey, and you might not gain the same respect as someone who has an iPhone or Galaxy flagship at that price point if you use a Pixel.




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