T.I. And Jeezy Discuss Squashing Their Long-Standing Beef With Gucci Mane On His “Expeditiously” Podcast—“That’s The Biggest Move That Can Happen For Trap Music” – The Shade Room

Roommates, if you know your hip hop history as it relates to beefs—then you’re well aware of the long-standing issues between Atlanta rappers T.I., Jeezy and Gucci Mane. Well apparently, T.I. and Jeezy could be open to finally squashing the beef once and for all, as the pair discussed the idea on T.I.’s podcast.

The very real and intense issues that Gucci Mane has with both T.I. and Jeezy go back several years—and even include some violent incidents that are rumored to have ruined any possibility of them ever being friends. So, it was surprising to hear T.I. and Jeezy discuss what would actually have to happen in order for there to be peace among them during his “Expeditiously” podcast.

Speaking on the issues with Gucci, T.I. said:

“We can’t have that conversation without addressing the elephant in the room. There’s a third member of the Mount Rushmore of Trap Music, that neither one of us care to mention or speak to that much. Now, what do you think is necessary to bring that s**t together, if anything? And I understand we’re dealing with somebody who’s temperamental themselves, and our s**t we got with us vs. their s**t they got with them makes it extremely problematic. But in the best-case scenario, how could that s**t happen? Because to be honest, that’s the biggest move that could happen for trap music in the future.”

Jeezy followed up with:

“I just think it gotta be one of them mafia backroom conversations. It gotta really be a convo. What I learned over the years is that this s**t is big business. People that went to Yale still do business with people who went to Harvard. It just one of them real convos. It’s been decades.”

T.I. then elaborated on why Gucci has issues with him, stating:

“I think cuz looked at me a certain way cause I stood solid with you. That was always my position, even though I tried to set my differences to the side and be cordial — that s**t didn’t go far. But for the people of trap music, for instance, I’m not going to do a trap music museum and leave a n***a out. To me that’s hating. Im’a be inclusive and Im’a be honest and I’ma always speak from a place of logic. Logically, is there ever a time where the three of us could ever walk in a room, and walk out and say ‘that s**t dead.’”

Jeezy then revealed that squashing the beef almost happened:

“To keep it all the way honest, me and bro done sat in a room and had a real conversation. In a sushi joint. It was close. I can’t lie, it was close, but he got locked up around that time and communication went dark. Im’a keep it a buck, it was close. It was real close.”

As of right now, Gucci Mane has not publicly responded to the podcast episode.


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