Why You Shouldn’t Be a Blogger

These days, blogging services like Google Blogger and WordPress are advertising their simplicity and ease of use. They say you can create a blog in 3 steps and 5 minutes. If it’s so fast and simple, anyone can be a blogger, right? Well, no. Words such as these are very misleading. It probably doesn’t occur to many people that maintaining a blog is far more complicated and time-consuming than the creation process. I know it didn’t occur to me.

Being a blogger is a big commitment, and you need to know what you’re getting yourself into before you jump on the bandwagon. That’s why in this article I’m going to give you 3 reasons why you shouldn’t be a blogger.

1. You’re not determined

Determination is success. When you really want something, you’re probably going to make a big effort and take all the time you need to get it–that is, if you’re a determined person. Blogging is more than just creating new ideas and turning those ideas into writing. It’s about promoting your content, making connections, and being part of the community. A blog generally won’t become popular on it’s own, so promoting your blog to increase your traffic, subscribers, and comments will be an ongoing project, and will take up a large portion of your blogging time. You also have to take risks and be able to offer something that no one on the planet but you can provide. It takes a lot of work, brainstorming, and time, and if you’re not determined to get to the top, you won’t ever get there.

2. You aren’t able to post regularly

Maybe you’re a busy person, but if you can’t fit your blog into your schedule, you shouldn’t have a blog at all. Blogs need to be updated multiple times a week, and you need to set aside time for coming up with new post ideas, writing, and blog promotion. Not posting frequently enough will badly effect your traffic.

3. You can’t offer valuable content

Every blog needs valuable and unique content to keep the reader interested, and hopefully, to keep them coming back for more. This means no copied content. It also means that you must be able to write the sort of posts that the reader won’t find anywhere else. This is difficult in an area with high competition, but unless you make your content stand out, your blog will only be buried in the millions of others.


Many people who already call themselves bloggers fail to realize the amount of effort it takes to be successful. Of course, each blogger has their own idea of success, but most set goals for high traffic and receiving more feedback on their content. If you’re determined that your blog can be successful, if you’re willing to spend the necessary time to create compelling content, and perhaps most importantly, if you enjoy it as you would enjoy any other hobby, you’ll be a great blogger bound to succeed.

Source by Sarah E Payne

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