The Advertising Secret Formula That Always Works

Your Headline Is the Most Important Part of Your Website Or Any Ad.

Here’s why: you have LESS than 10 seconds to get your visitors’ attention, and show them you’ve got the perfect solution to their problem. So the first thing they should see is a headline that clearly states the biggest benefit your site has to offer!

If no one sees your headline they are unlikely to see your ad. The most important element of any ad is the headline. One small change here can increase or decrease your response rate by as much as 700%. For example, red font always out performs black!

Everything you say in advertising must be very, very specific. A headline should talk about your customers, not about you because no one cares about your company. It should grab people’s attention and get them to read your ad.

A headline should not attempt be cute or clever, unlike ad agency style advertising, it should offer a benefit, provoke an emotional reaction or just get people interested enough to read more. Do NOT mention your company name; it’s a waste of space. No one cares about your company, they only care about their problems and how you can address them!

Here are some real examples:

Bad Headline: New Weight Watchers Diet Hit the Shelves

Good Headline: New Diet Burns Off More Fat Than a 98 Mile Run

Bad Headline: New Study from Sydney University Claims 35% of all men are unfaithful

Good Headline: 7 Ways to Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Which ad is more interesting? Which one grabs you? The company/Institution should never be in a headline.

A good place to study good ads is in the Cosmopolitan magazine. The Cosmo editors admitted that they spend more time choosing good headlines than they do on choosing the articles to put in it! After all if the magazine doesn’t get bought and taken off the shelf, it doesn’t matter how good the stories are! Anther good resource is the headlines on the Google, Yahoo or MSN homepages.

Here are some powerful headline strategies, which also work extremely in newspapers, magazines and with Google AdWords:

– Offer the biggest promise of benefit

– Identify your ideal prospect

– Offer news if possible

– Quick and easy solution (Here’s how to break up a cold)

– Ask provoking questions (Are you sick of …….)

– Make the reader feel inclined to keep reading

The Advertising Secret Formula That Always Works

Every piece of advertising, every webpage, sales letter, brochure or banner ad that you send out must…MUST … include ALL of these ingredients.

– A headline that commands attention

– Emotionally provocative benefit driven message that states your USP (Unique selling proposition)

– A Compelling Call to Action, offer something valuable for contacting you

Not some stupid wimpy statement like ‘please contact us for more information…’ yeah that’s going to make them jump of their seat and lift the phone. Think about it!

Strangely most advertising doesn’t include any of these ingredients or at best, there’s at least one missing! If you do NOT include all of these ingredients in all of your advertising then please send your advertising budget to a good charity where it might do some good.

Remember newspaper ad reps, yellow pages reps, ad agencies… anyone who makes money selling advertising will do anything to convince you otherwise, after all that’s how they get paid.

Source by Jimmy Crangle

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