SEOpressor – Secret WordPress Plugin For Top Google Rankings

I just tested out this new SEO plugin by Daniel Tan called SEOPressor and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed.  Every single one of my niche sites is built in WordPress and they’re all using the Thesis theme for search engine reasons, but I think SEOpressor might just take them over the top!

Before I get down and dirty talking about how to search engine optimize WordPress, lets go over a few basic SEO assumptions.  These are things that are universally true, as proven by all the SEO gurus and my own tests.

Basically, SEO boosts can come from things like:

  • Bolded and italicized keywords phrases
  • Underlined keywords
  • ALT tags and TITLE tags in images
  • Keywords in post/article titles
  • Strong correlation with the other sites on page 1 of Google

SEO really isn’t rocket science, it’s more a list of procedures that have to be followed in order to get top rankings.

Now, that we know of some of the key metrics of onpage SEO, let’s talk about a WordPress plugin that can help automate all these steps for you!

SEOpressor WordPress Plugin

The SEOpressor WordPress Plugin has been designed to automate a lot of the manual SEO tasks you need to perform on your blog posts.  It does things like automatic bolding and italicizing.  It optimizes your image tags and article titles.  Probably, cooler than that, is it’s onboard SEO algorithms!

SEOpressor gives you an SEO score for each post on your site, as well as for your individual articles.  It allows you to create perfectly optimized content on your site so you can get top search rankings very quickly.

Source by Jason Drohn

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