Selective Chat Vs Random Chat

Random chat is a new trend for chatting. It started in mid 2009 and continued in 2010 with some new services introducing webcams. Although it is popular, there are some severe problems concerning these services.

These issues were detailed in a previous blog “Random Chat Review” and in short they are: a person can’t easily chat because users are always hitting next button, there are lots of perversions and people abusing the service by showing sexual acts, most of the time guys are looking for girls who are rarely found.

Although the idea is appealing, however these services are not delivering real value. What is meant by real value is to be able to have a nice chat with interesting people with whom some would share a minimum of common stuff.

Selective Chat might be the solution! This is fairly a new term that does not appear a lot on Google Search or Google Trends. It consists of finding the right person to chat with. A person who displays a minimum profile that allows others to find him or her.

As opposed to social networking services like Facebook or others the aim of a “Selective Chat” is to bring together people who want to chat and express a preference for a specific topic. While on social networking people share videos, images and activities with contacts and friends; they are reluctant to accept people they don’t know. Besides they are not necessarily online at the same time and might not be interested in chatting at all.

Conversely in “Selective Chat” people go there in order to find someone to chat with. However to avoid lengthy introduction and discovery of interests of the other person, “Selective Chat” gives people the option to build a mini profile in which they can tell about themselves, their interests, their personal website or YouTube.

Because each person might have his/her own set of preferences and interests it will be easier to find others who share the those interests, thus resulting in a nice constructive chat that deliver value to the chatters and might pave the way for some more evolved types of relations.

This concept is being implemented by in which this service is trying to offer chatters an appropriate context for people to meet each other and discuss about common topics in real time.

Source by Ziad Youssef Salloum

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