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How To Become Google’s Pal With Social Marketing Strategies

One of the internet marketing strategies which you need to adopt is to use a

bunch of services called social bookmarking. These services will let people know about sites that you think are good or are interested in.

These services have a special relationship with Google since Google tends to look at sites which people bookmark, quicker than sites which are not socially bookmarked. This will result in your site or blog getting indexed in Google very fast, in some instances even within a day leading to a quantum jump in visitors to your site and consequently to greater sales and profits. All this without spending a dime in advertising.

So you need to form a habit of using social bookmarking tools every time you create a new piece of content.

Now the best part is that you don’t need help from anybody to socially bookmark. There are services which you can use to submit to all the major social bookmarking sites. You can use a site called SocialMarker to socially bookmark. You will need to create an account with the different social bookmarking sites the first time you start submitting but from then on it becomes easier since you only need to login to submit.

With social marketing you reap the benefit of direct traffic from some of the highest trafficked sites in the world giving your site a big boost in the search engines, and new fresh sources of targeted prospects. Along with other proven internet marketing strategies you need to start social bookmarking and boost your profits without spending on advertising.

By Lawrence Rebeiro

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