My Top 10 Tools For Internet Marketers

I’ve created this list of tools to help you with internet marketing research, these tools have helped me many times and I’m sure they will be of great benefit to you. Simply use your favorite search engine and type in the title of the tool for example submitterbot.

Google AdWords: Keyword Tool – Check popular keywords and get suggestions on alternative keywords perfect for researching keyword usage on the worlds most popular search engine.

SubmitterBot – Submit your website to huge bunch of web directories, which is super for creating backlinks and improving your page rank.

Google Insights for Search – Check keywords searches based on location and other variables, this super little tools extends the functions of the Google AdWords tool by providing details on local search results.

ValueMyWeb – Get a rough idea on your websites value based on it’s popularity, this is great if your curious as to the value of your website but don’t take the price to seriously as it’s quite common for many site to be significant under or over valued.

KeywordSpy – Check your competitors PPC keywords. Good for popular keywords but less effective at checking niche market keywords.

Google Search Based Keyword Tool – Check keywords search volumes, based on real searches.

Google Trends – See what people are searching for, now and in the past.

WordTracker – A good alternative to googles keyword tool.

NicheBot – Another good keyword tool.

Alexa – Provides a good insight into a website traffic rank, but also has some other useful features.

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Source by Lee Price

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