Is Teespring and Facebook Marketing Still Viable in 2015?

Is the Teespring market saturated?

In a short answer, no. Whilst many of the common niches such as “pug dogs”, “pit bulls” and the “this girl loves her… ” have certainly been saturated and rinsed multiple times, there is still a massive opportunity to make a considerable amount of profit with Teespring. The answer is in the current market trends.

What kind of trends are we talking about?

This is the million dollar question. Given the amount of tools available to us today, specifically the free tools such as Google Trends, and Reddit, we are easily able to identify current trends in specific niches and this allows us to identify a potential audience. This is the key, first step to launching any campaign, and in fact, is the same step in the majority of business models. “Always identify your target market first!”

Some clear examples of a Teespring niche

Perhaps, one of the better ways to describe this is by giving an example. Looking on specific trend data at the time, I was able to see hundreds of thousands of shares and engagement on some funny images and sayings related to women’s hockey. This was obviously something that was doing the rounds on social media and was a perfect opportunity to create a great looking design and market it to the passionate audience who so dearly follow their beloved sport.

Being able to identify that this niche was trending, it was then easy to simply jump onto Facebook, identify the current active groups and interests in this sports niche and the popular brands that the sport commonly used.

The next steps

Once the audience was identified and narrowed down to a good sized list of passionate buyers, we simply made a great logo design through outsourcing to one of our favourite designers, uploaded the image to a shirt on Teespring and launched a campaign. The sales were hot for the first three days while we exhausted the audience and whilst the trend was still viral. After that it dwindled significantly. This was an “in and out” campaign and a highly profitable one.

The lesson to be learnt here

Many of the niches and areas of interest have indeed been saturated and are now significantly harder to profit in due to the competition. The key thing however, is to now adapt and follow the trends. This is where myself and my customers are still making significant ROI and in relatively untapped niches!

Source by Nick Mansor

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