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When a web builder gets a web plan project, then she or he will need to take a move back and undergo and investigate the procedure so as to finish the job. This research procedure is a monotonous procedure, it verifies how good and victorious will the outcome of your web plan. One day you received a call from some customer and demand you to design a site for his organization and he explains you about his company briefly and also about costs, you then set an appointment to meet him for further discussion. Then you will start checking them on Google about this organization and also for prelim ideas for the site.


After meeting up with the customer, you find the plenty of information that will help you in design procedure. This information relates even when you are planning your own website such as nature of the organization, customer preferences, target audiences, platform (Flash? HTML? Php? Asp?

By arranging these details, you will find a big image of

What are you going to plan?

What style of design you are like to?

Whom you should plan for?

How will your design work? and

How will your design satisfy the client and audiences as well so as to be victorious?


Now it is the moment to decide the style. For commence you have base on the customer’s explanation of his organization. For instance,

Example 1:

Web Hosting business >> High tech web design, sleek and professional design


Always select a suitable and good colour theme on web design, as this will provide clients a great experience as surfing through the site your

planned. One of the essential methods is to obtain a colour chart from art store or utilize some colour selector tools to help in your colour collection. Colours have their own denotation.


After the colours selection, now it’s the time for images and graphics. Given below are some of the suggestions you can undertake.

Stock photos, there are some of images that are free and some needs you to pay before giving you with high declarations image. If your customer has the wealth and there are appropriate pictures he like to utilize. You can also find the stock photos on Google as well.

You can also take your won images as well. When resources engages normally project will need you to take a related pictures and utilize them as opinionated pictures on the site. You can use mid-range cameras pictures for sites are on low resolution.

Creating Graphics images, a web design will require custom graphics pictures such as button for submitting information. You will require some arts in making the graphics for your requirements. Go for tutorials on making definite effects such as pattern backgrounds and rounded corners. You can also go for vector graphics tool, as they can assist you to make graphics and design quick and effectively.


You can search in Google for some inspiration on how to plan the design for a website. You can also test out ready-made templates as well. Do not copy them but as a fresh designer you can take reference and observe how they are being planned. References websites will offer you colour theme, ideas on usability and relevant pictures, features and navigation and so on guides to make efforts on web design project.

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