Google adsense in google trends

Google trends shows Searching for ‘google adsense’ is increasing day by day. Google AdSense program, hence proved that this is the money making giant in the internet world. Majority of the search is from the country Vietnam. Indonesia and Philippines comes next to the top queried country Vietnam. India placed at 6th position in searching “google adsense”. But USA and UK are not get listed in first 10 positions in searching AdSense money making program. Actually majority of internet users is from USA and UK. But in the case of Google AdSense search they moves backward. It is an important point for those who are searching for Google secrets.

Kula Lampur city in Malaysia comes first in the hunt of Google adsense. Second position is from Florida city of USA. When comparing country wise and city wise, we can see that most hunters of Google AdSense comes from USA, But USA is not listed in first 10 countries.

Google trends based on language shows that most searchers of “google adsense” are from Malaysian Language. English placed after Romanian. [Please note that “google adsense” is one of the high paying keywords. I mean creating a website on “google adsense” is an easy method to get money by showing Google ads.]

Anyway Google trends gives us an insight to searching behaviors among different countries and cities. One who wants to implement Google AdSense successfully, need to study Google trends on Google AdSense search. Then he will be able to explore the advantages of Google AdSense easily.

Source by Yachin Yachin

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