Foxfire Browser – Many Features For an Excellent Browser

The greatest feature of Mozilla Firefox 2 for many people is the fact, it is free to download and use. Once you install Firefox you have many free additional add-ons you can download to customize your new Firefox browser. The reason these Mozilla products are free is because Mozilla is a non-profit organization, which includes people from around the world who possess the willingness, knowledge and skill to improve the Internet experience for everyone.

The only way to make a sound decision about the Mozilla Firefox web browser is to install it yourself and use it for a while. Firefox is easy to download, install and individualize. Firefox2 comes with several search engines including Google and Yahoo. Go to Mozilla Firefox, and download your free copy, today. Experience the difference others have experienced with the new free Firefox browser.

Among the great features are tabbed browsing, Google and Yahoo search engine toolbars, spell check and if you need to close your browser, Firefox will save the information. The next time you open the Firefox browser you can decide to resume the session or begin a new a session. You can personalize your browser with add-ons and you can personalize the search engine toolbars as with any other browser. With add-ons, you can add search engines, new themes, change colors, size and style of fonts and even add a dictionary or a translator to your browser.

Add-ons are so easy to download and with the click of your mouse, you can see your local weather report. A little message appears on the bottom of your screen off and on telling you the exact weather report. This is a great feature when you are concerned about possible storms. Another great feature is the add-on Web Developer, which provides a menu and toolbar to assist you in writing blog entries or website pages. Click a button and you have music or click a button and change the color of browser to match your daily mood. Firefox is not only easy to use it is also fun to use.

Firefox terminology is a little different from the terminology used in Internet Explorer, but the process for using items is very similar. For instance, Firefox uses the word Bookmark, which is the same as Favorites in Internet Explorer. Save bookmarks the same way you saved Favorites, when you decide to create a link to some site or page, as you browse the Internet with Firefox.

Firefox is always working for you against the daily attacks from Spyware, Adware, hackers and the many viruses, which come our way. The Mozilla Firefox technicians are always on the job twenty/seven and you have access to help when you need help.

Source by Andres Berger

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