Megan Rapinoe Has a Lot More to Say

She is candid about her romantic life, chronicling relationships with, among others, Abby Wambach, a former teammate who is now married to the writer Glennon Doyle. As told in the book, when Rapinoe arrived at college and realized she was a lesbian, her life suddenly made sense.

“Clearly I’m gay and why didn’t anyone tell me?” was her first thought, she wrote. “And number two: This is awesome.”

The relationship that gets the most attention is her partnership with Bird. Since leaving the W.N.B.A. bubble — in which Bird’s team, the Seattle Storm, won this year’s championship — the couple has been living in Greenwich, Conn., where they have been swimming, using a Tonal, which is like a high-tech Murphy bed version of a weight machine, and riding their Peloton.

Despite being one of the most decorated soccer players in the country, Rapinoe says she’s not so good at the Peloton. When the output of the thousands of users who participate in each ride are displayed, she said she consistently hovers around the bottom 30 percent.

But before heading to Greenwich, Rapinoe and Bird took a trip with some friends to Antigua, where they got engaged. Rapinoe was lounging on the side of a pool, and when she went to stand up, somebody said it looked like she was kneeling. She hadn’t planned on proposing just then, she said, but she’d been thinking about it daily for months, and there was no real question for either of them that they would eventually get married.

“We locked eyes, and I thought, this is definitely the moment,” she said.

So Rapinoe, who wears a lot of jewelry, took a simple gold band off her own finger and proposed.

A picture of that moment went viral. Even former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. retweeted it and offered his congratulations. No such congratulations were forthcoming from Mr. Trump.

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