Philips 245B1 monitor review

When it comes to business monitors, in an age where 4K seems to have assimilated everything and the assumption that bigger is better prevails, it’s easy to overlook the little guy. Enter the new Philips 245B1, part of Philips’ B Line range of productivity panels.

Star ratings

Overall: 4.5

Design: 4.5

Features: 4

Performance: 4

Usability: 5

Value: 4

At 24 inches, it’s one of the smallest monitors we’ve reviewed recently, if you exclude portable USB panels. But if space is at a premium, the Philips 245B1 could well be worth a look. It combines a high quality IPS panel with 2,560 by 1,440 pixels. That’s 1440p, in other words, rather than the 1080p norm for screens this size.

That gives you more desktop space, pixel density and visual precision without paying the premium for full 4K, which may be overkill for many applications, especially on a 24 inch monitor. The 245B1 has a number of other features that improve the proposition as a productivity panel, including excellent efficiency and some clever power saving features. But there’s at least one notable absence from the spec list, namely USB-C connectivity.

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Price and availability

The Philips 245B1 has an RRP in the UK of £199, which is attractive given the relatively unusual combination of 24 inches, IPS and 1440p resolution. However, it’s new enough that actual retail pricing has yet to settle and the cheapest current UK offer as we write is around £240. We’d expect that to come down as availability improves. The 245B1 isn’t currently available in the US.

Philips 245B1 1

(Image credit: Future)

Design and features

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