Lower Back Tattoos – Sexy Spot Or Trashy Tattoo Design?

In as much as I would like to say that lower back tattoos are so 1990s, it seems that it still has not lost its popularity and appeal to the tat-loving crowd. Google’s data shows that there is more than 60,00 search last month alone for lower back tattoos. So even if the rib cage, foot and wrist seem to be in the rage lately, the lower back is still very much in the scene.

This type of tat theme seem to have gotten bad reputation because it has been called names such as “tramp stamp”, “arse antlers” and ” dirty girl tattoo”. Since it is located near the buttocks, it has become associated with promiscuity and sexual attractiveness.

However, this should not speak for any girl or woman who has tattoo on this body part. It all depends on the attitude and character of the female sporting it. If you look slutty, then you might as well fit the part. But, if you wear it with style and elegance, combined with the perfect tattoo design,it can actually look amazing and sexy in a good way.

If you are really determined to get tattooed on the lower back, you should remember a few things. First of all, stay away from the tribal styles and floral vines that have been tattooed on millions of women already. There are tons of tat art that you can explore that would fit perfectly on that area. Go for a design that has meaning and significance to you. Tattoos are best rendered if they tell a story.

Source by Peter Brat

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