6 healthy lockdown snacks that can be prepared in just 5 minutes and won’t make you feel guilty | The Times of India

With the coronavirus outbreak forcing people to stay cooped inside their houses, organizations across the globe have asked their employees to work remotely. While working from home offers its own level of comfort (hello, all-day pyjamas), there is no denying that with chocolates, chips and noodles lying in our pantries, our eating habits aren’t exactly healthy right now.

Since we are strongly advised to eat home-cooked food and not indulge in takeaways or order food, we end up gravitating towards 2-minute noodles and chocolate biscuits. So, whether it is a mundane Zoom meeting or a binge-watching session after you are done with the day’s work, a platter of deep-fried potato chips, nuggets and a glass of diet soda definitely sound like a match made in heaven.

While an occasional plate of oily, greasy and fattening snacks may not do you much harm, one must not forget that we are living under unusual circumstances. The whole world is gearing up to battle the spread of the novel coronavirus and with no definitive cure in sight, strengthening our immune system and staying indoors seem to be our only hope.

We do understand the undying need of munching on something tasty which does not take forever in the kitchen to make (Also, who will do the dishes then?) We are listing down six super healthy snacks that need bare-minimum culinary skills. So, the next time your craving for munching kicks in, here is a list of snacks you can opt for minus any guilt.

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