5 toxic parenting traits we are ALL guilty of! Yes, even you | The Times of India

If there is one thing that all the parents across the world will mutually agree upon, it is the fact that parenting is no child’s play. While there is no right or wrong way of upbringing your child, at times, it may also feel like a constant battle between not doing enough and smothering your little one. Since parents do not have their very own bottle of chemical-X to complete the parenting puzzle (here’s looking at you Professor Utonium), they often rely on imbibing what their own parents did or did not do right.

You might be unintentionally hurting your child

It is also true that no matter how noble your intentions are, there is no parenting handbook or guide which will help you avoid the bumps and bruises on your journey of raising your child. While it is important to maintain a healthy and healing environment at home, it is equally necessary to be aware of the hurtful expectations and benchmarks we hold our kids to. So, even if you are hyper aware of your interaction with your tiny tots, we shed light on certain toxic traits which may still creep in.

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