Remo Fernandes releases a new song titled ‘WHEN WILL YOU LEARN, MAN?’ on Coronavirus crisis – Times of India

Singer Remo Fernandes who has given us hit songs like ‘Maya Ya’, ‘Maria Pitache‘ and more has released a new song based on the Coronavirus crisis.

Through the song, Remo how humans have behaved before and how they will after the Coronavirus pandemic gets over. He even asks when the man will learn from his past experience. The singer adds that love is the only option!

In the description of the song, the singer expressed, “I had decided I would not to do a song about COVID-19. But then this is not a ‘wear your mask/wash your hands/stay at home’ song. It is also not a ‘pray and god will save you’ song. It’s a song about human mentality and behaviour. Before, during and after the pandemic. And it ‘happened’ in less than half an hour – the lyrics and the music.”

Watch the song here:

Meanwhile, several celebs have been sharing pictures and videos of they are doing during the lockdown days.

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