How Francis Ford Coppola Got Pulled Back In to Make ‘The Godfather, Coda’

This does not prevent Paramount from making sequels if it wants to. “There may well be a ‘Godfather IV’ and ‘V’ and ‘VI,’” Coppola said. “I don’t own ‘The Godfather.’” (Paramount said in a statement, “While there are no imminent plans for another film in the ‘Godfather’ saga, given the enduring power of its legacy it remains a possibility if the right story emerges.”)

For others who participated in “Part III,” parts of the movie still hold up with the best of the trilogy, in their estimation, and its perceived flaws don’t seem as bothersome over time.

“It taught me that as a creative person, you have to put your work out there,” Sofia Coppola said. “It toughens you up. I know it’s a cliché, but it can make you stronger.”

Just a few days earlier, her teenage daughter, Romy, told her she had read about her mother’s much-discussed performance. “She said, ‘I saw online that you did the worst death scene ever in the history of movies,’” Sofia recalled. “I was like, oh my God, all these years later, it’s still a thing.”

With a laugh, she added, “I think it’s so funny that it lingers, all these years later. It’s fine.”

For Francis Ford Coppola, the fact that he has probably put his final stamp on the film series that altered his life and influenced moviemaking for decades to come is not an occasion for nostalgia or celebration; it’s just a reminder that there are so many more kinds of movies he still wants to make and genres he wants to play in.

“I like life to be an experience that I learn from,” he said. “I felt a sense of completion after the first one. I felt the first film had all the story I saw in the book. I felt satisfied that it was summed up.”

If there are more “Godfather” movies to come, he said, “I won’t do ’em. But I’m an old man.”

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