Alexis Skyy Talks About Opening Her Beauty Bar & How Her Relationship With Fetty Wap Impacted Her First Business When She Was Just 19 (Exclusive Details) – The Shade Room

TSR Exclusive Details: Roommates, Alexis Skyy made her way into all of your hearts when she joined the cast of LHHATL some seasons ago. Now, not only is she a social media influencer, she is also a mother and entrepreneur!

If y’all haven’t already heard, Alexis is getting ready to open a brand new beauty bar in Long Island, New York, and she stepped into The Shade Room to talk about her new venture! The beauty bar, called Lux House Beauty Bar,  will include mostly every beauty service including hair, lashes, waxing, facials, and even box.

This new salon is not Alexis’ first business, however. She tells us she opened a spa when she was just 19 years old, but her relationship with her ex and baby daddy Fetty Wap was a distraction for her.

“I had a salon when I was 19, and honestly I didn’t know anything about having a business. I came straight from the strip club trying to run a spa,” she said. “And I was so busy running behind Fetty at the time. We were together and I lost focus and the business wasn’t doing well so I had to close it.”

Despite having to close her first business, Alexis says giving up was not an option for her. So, she turned to party hosting as a form of income to support her new venture, Lux House. She says she is completely focused this time around, and “ready to become a millionaire”.

“I felt like failed and it always bothered me. So I stacked up my hosting money and saved everything and said you know what, let me open up another shop,” she said. “Im so much more focused and I’m ready to to become a millionaire.”

While cities are shut down due to the spread of the coronavirus, Alexis Skyy is confident Lux House will be able to open this June!

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