The Cut Finds Its New Top Editor at Teen Vogue

The Cut, the New York Magazine style and culture website with a devoted following, named Lindsay Peoples Wagner as its new editor in chief on Monday.

Ms. Peoples Wagner, 30, will rejoin the publication after a two-year stint as the top editor of Teen Vogue, where she was the youngest editor in chief of a Condé Nast magazine and one of the few Black journalists to have led one of the company’s publications. She was previously a fashion market editor for The Cut, which started out as a fashion blog on the New York Magazine website and became a stand-alone site in 2012.

The top job at The Cut came open in October, when the former editor in chief, Stella Bugbee, announced she was stepping aside to become an editor at large for New York Magazine. The magazine announced the appointment of Ms. Peoples Wagner as her successor on Monday.

Ms. Peoples Wagner described The Cut as a publication that has “all the things that you’re thinking about and talking about in group texts,” from spiritual matters to social issues.

“We’re all multifaceted human beings, and we can enjoy fashion and want to enjoy some fun but also really care about the state of the world and where we are in politics,” Ms. Peoples Wagner said in an interview on Monday. “I think The Cut has done a really good job of not putting women in boxes.”

Ms. Bugbee, who ran the site from 2012 until last year, is credited with making it into a digital powerhouse with a conversationally elegant tone. A 2017 redesign brought with it a shift from style and fashion to a wider view that included politics and gender issues.

“We tried to have a lot of fun,” Ms. Bugbee said. “That was one of our main goals at all times, and that really informed the sensibility.”

She said that Ms. Peoples Wagner had impressed her during her time as a fashion editor at The Cut. “I think Lindsay is and always was one of the most ambitious editors that I have ever encountered,” Ms. Bugbee said, adding that her successor had “a real perspective that stood out from the crowd.”

One of Ms. Peoples Wagner’s last projects for The Cut before she left for Teen Vogue was an examination of being Black in the fashion industry, an article for which she interviewed more than 100 people of color. She said inclusivity would be her number-one priority on her return to the publication. (Ms. Peoples Wagner is also a co-founder of the Black in Fashion Council, which represents people of color in the industry.)

“Inclusivity — whether it be race, ethnicity, sexuality, any difference in background — I think it’s really important to hear different voices and different walks of life and how people are able to continue to be resilient throughout this crazy tough pandemic time in our world,” she said.

David Haskell, the editor in chief of New York Magazine, said on Monday that Ms. Peoples Wagner had been an adviser to him on diversity and inclusion efforts, and that she had distinguished herself from other candidates in the “broad, big search” for The Cut’s next editor in chief. “She’s an incredibly exciting combination of continuity and change,” he said.

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