A Conspiracy Made in America May Have Been Spread by Russia

@DanWals83975326 also promoted Russian accounts that claimed the virus was created at an American military base. Disinformation analysts suspect his account is part of a broader Russian campaign. A leaked European Union report found, in the two months leading to mid-March, 80 instances in which Russia fabricated or exaggerated theories that Covid is a bioweapon. In February, American intelligence officials warned that Russian accounts were again meddling to re-elect Mr. Trump in 2020, and boosting Mr. Sanders as part of that effort.

@DanWals83975326 continues to play his part. He amplifies Mr. Sanders and Representative Tulsi Gabbard, the Democrat from Hawaii who is a favorite of the Russian press, while slamming Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and the D.N.C. He applauded Joe Rogan, the podcaster and onetime Sanders supporter, when Mr. Rogan announced that he would vote for Mr. Trump over Mr. Biden.

“Joe Rogan is with people & not of the dumbest flock,” @DanWals83975326 tweeted. (The account turned on Mr. Rogan in May after the podcaster dedicated an entire show to the question: “Why is Russia so crazy?” More recently, he has pushed Jimmy Dore, a comedian who was a staunch critic of the special counsel’s investigation into Russian collusion and is an ardent critic of Mr. Biden’s.)

Occasionally, to appear more American, @DanWals83975326 tossed out the odd American cultural reference. Sometimes he appeared to tip his hand, praising President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, bragging about Russian grain production and fawning over the Russian military.

In late May, after this reporter sent the account holder a list of questions concerning his identity, @DanWals83975326 vanished, deleting his Twitter history. He recently resurfaced as @DanRadov.

But the game is still the same. He still amplifies Ms. La Clair’s posts and blames the Pentagon’s “bioWMDs” for the pandemic, and — with the nation seized by protests — his latest tweets seem to appreciate how little foreign interference is required to take the country down.

“U.S. has long been in the position when one spark can burn the whole country down and all of the United West for that matter,” @DanRadov posted. “Buckle your seatbelts people. We are up for rough ride.”

After The New York Times published this article online on Monday, Twitter suspended the account.

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