Paris Hilton Completely Trashes Lindsay Lohan On Andy Cohen’s Show

This old frenemyship won’t die.
Paris Hilton blasted Lindsay Lohan on Tuesday’s “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.”
Hilton and Lohan may have reached their celebrity peak years ago, but the former reality show heiress still knows how to spice up an interview.
In a “Plead the Fifth” segment, Cohen asked Hilton to say three nice things about “Mean Girls” star Lohan. Hilton first responded with a somewhat vague “she’s beyond.” But then she took the gloves off and sniped, “lame and embarrassing.”

OK, they weren’t nice things, but she answered!
The Hilton-Lohan feud dates back more than a decade, but it still sometimes bubbles back to the surface.
Last summer, Hilton called Lohan a “pathological liar.” A 2006 video resurfaced around the same time of Lohan calling Hilton the C-word. 

Hilton, 38, also revealed to Cohen that her friendship with Kim Kardashian is solid and that Kardashian’s “ass is hot.” She coyly addressed a report that she made out with Miley Cyrus in 2014.
“Maybe,” Hilton said.

J. Merritt via Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton in a palsy-walsy moment back in the day.

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