Fred Armisen Seemed To Have A Lot Of Fun Torturing His ‘SNL’ Co-Workers

It’s no secret that working on “Saturday Night Live” is a stressful gig. And when people were at their breaking points, former cast member Fred Armisen seemed to relish in being a nuisance, pulling off years and years of exquisite pranks on his coworkers.
Bill Hader swung by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” this week and the former “SNL” cast members had a whole lot of fun reminiscing about all the “delightfully crafted nonsense” Armisen would pull when his coworkers were at their weakest.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

Fred Armisen is ready to suck all the sanity out of you with an insanely funny but mean prank.

Meyers was the head writer on the show at the time and as Hader put it, “Seth worked incredibly long hours and Seth would get very little sleep.”
So when Meyers finally got some time to get a little shut-eye, Armisen would strike at 4 a.m. with a clever but cruel prank call.
To find out what he would do it — and see how Armisen made his colleague Colin Jost look like a complete sociopath in front of celebrity hosts during pitch meetings — check out the clip above.

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