Fox News Host Pete Hegseth Gushes About Trump: ‘This Guy’s Got The Thickest Skin’

President Donald Trump takes pride in punching back at any insult, no matter how small ― with first lady Melania Trump once boasting that he always hits back “10 times harder.”
But “Fox & Friends” co-host Pete Hegseth seems to think he’s exceptionally thick-skinned.
“It’s interesting you hear the narrative from the left that they’re getting under his skin,” Hegseth said Monday in a clip posted online by Contemptor. “I think it’s the opposite. This guy’s got the thickest skin considering the investigations and the resistance he’s been under.”

The segment began with co-host Griff Jenkins talking about Trump’s trip to Japan over Memorial Day weekend.
“They used to say that politics ended at the water’s edge,” Jenkins said. “That’s out the door, and it’s been out the door for quite some time. Yesterday on Sunday, as Democrats, of course, attacked the president, there’s more talk of impeachment on the campaign trail. The president had a press conference fighting back against what he believes is his desire to be transparent.”
What came next was a clip of Trump in Japan crowing about “no obstruction, no collusion, no nothing.”
Far from leaving politics “at the water’s edge,” Trump used that same news conference to defend joining forces with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in an attack on former Vice President Joe Biden, who hopes to secure the 2020 Democratic nomination for president.
“Kim Jong Un made a statement that Joe Biden is a low-I.Q. individual,” Trump said. “I probably agree with him on that.”

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