‘Family Guy’ Unloads On ‘Strip Club Lunch Regular’ Sean Hannity

Four of the Fox cartoon’s male characters riffed on what they thought the widely watched “Hannity” host looked like. They tossed out ideas such as “strip club lunch regular,” “Wreck-It Ralph at a job interview” and “a fish that inflates to scare predators.”The episode titled “Adam West High” also took aim at conservative actor James Woods, who was called “a political troll and a maniac on Twitter,” and paid tribute to late “Batman” star West himself who’d voiced the recurring role of Quahog’s mayor. It originally aired Sunday but clips are now going viral.“Family Guy” has repeatedly taken aim at Trump in the past. In 2016 it savaged the then-GOP presidential nominee over his disgusting comments about women on that infamous “Access Hollywood” bus ride:

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