Every Vote For Alabama’s Abortion Ban Was From A White Man

The Alabama state Senate passed the country’s strictest abortion bill this week in a 25-6 vote ― and as many people noted, all 25 of those “yes” votes came from white male senators. 
“These 25 men, who will never be pregnant, just legislated more rights to rapists than to women, girls & victims of rape/incest,” Nahanni Fontaine, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba in Canada, tweeted Wednesday alongside an image of the state senators.
The Human Life Protection Act, passed Tuesday night, is an extreme anti-abortion measure that bans the procedure in all cases, including rape and incest. The only exception to the legislation is if the life of a pregnant woman is at risk.

If Gov. Kay Ivey (R) signs the bill into law, performing an abortion procedure would become a felony offense punishable by a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. Ivey has not publicly stated whether she will sign the bill.
The legislation would go into effect within six months of the governor’s signature.

Of the 27 Republicans in the state Senate, 25 voted to pass the bill and two did not vote. Amendments introduced by the state’s only four female senators were all dismissed.
These 25 men, who will never be pregnant, just legislated more rights to rapists than to women, girls & victims of rape/incest.This is some backwards, archaic, intentionally repressive crap.Now’s not the time to be complacent. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS!#AbortionRights #Alabama— Nahanni Fontaine (@NahanniFontaine) May 15, 2019

Many people on Twitter noticed the irony of a group of male politicians legislating women’s bodies.
“25 white men in Alabama, who can never get pregnant, decided that rapists’ rights are more important than the rights of the women and girls they’ve raped,” Twitter user OhNoSheTwitnt wrote. 
If passed into law, the bill would disproportionately affect marginalized women, particularly poor women of color who already struggle to afford safe abortions.
“Wealthy women will still be able to afford access to a safe abortion, in secret, regardless of a ban,” Guardian reporter Rossalyn Warren pointed out on Twitter. “Yes the law in Alabama is an attack on women ― but more specifically, it’s an attack on poor and marginalised women.”
Rolling Stone senior writer Jamil Smith argued that the abortion ban will “put a lot more black women in prison than anyone else.”
Alabama is only the latest state to pass an extreme anti-abortion measure. Just this year, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia and Mississippi have passed laws banning abortion after six weeks, a point at which many women don’t even realize they’re pregnant. And Texas lawmakers are considering the death penalty for any woman who undergoes an abortion procedure.
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There are 4 million people in Alabama, and 25 MEN had the power to make a decision for all 4 million. In middle school, I learned this is what you call an oligarchy. #RoeVWade— Phinesse tha Finesser (@PhinesseNFerb) May 15, 2019

So 25 crusty men have just passed a law to ban abortion in #Alabama, with no exception to rape and incest, in a bid to overturn #RoeVWade. With the #heartbeat law passing in Georgia last week, the USA is fast becoming a dangerous place for women to live. @BBCBreakfast— Regina Holland (@ReginaHolland_) May 15, 2019

The 25 white men who think they have a greater say over women’s bodies. They also rejected exemptions for rape or incest, & made it a class A felony for a doctor to perform an abortion, punishable by 10-99 years in prison. That’s more time than a rapist would get #Alabama— Sara Naseem 🎈 (@sara_naseem) May 15, 2019

Siri, why is it important to have a gender quota in a political party?“These 25 white men – all Republicans – just voted to ban abortion in Alabama”#ausvotes— Van Badham (@vanbadham) May 15, 2019

The only ban there should be is on men legislating what women can and can’t do with their bodies. Seriously, fuck you all. #Alabama #AbortionRights— Rachel Murray (@gotacommonname) May 15, 2019

tonight 25 male Alabama senators passed a bill to get back at all the girls who rejected them in high school— Matt Oswalt (@MattOswaltVA) May 15, 2019

Actual picture from inside the mind of the 25 white male Alabama senators who passed the law on abortion.— David Schneider (@davidschneider) May 15, 2019

25 white, republican, male, senators just voted to ban abortion in Alabama… Can America PLEASE start policing men’s testicles instead of women’s uteruses? Overturning Roe v Wade wont stop abortions happening, it will just result in more poor women dying.— Megan (@meggiemerc) May 15, 2019

Appalling that 25 white men tell all women what they can do with their bodies & they think feminism has gone to far!It’s only just begun guys— nazir afzal (@nazirafzal) May 15, 2019

Tonight, 25 out of 31 state senators in Alabama, all of them men, voted for an abortion ban that would literally force victims of rape and incest to carry a pregnancy to term. To every so-called “progressive” who says we should try to reason with these people:FUCK. YOU.— Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈 (@cmclymer) May 15, 2019

25 men just voted to ban abortion in Alabama – unless the mother’s life is in danger. Ive studied the history of illegal abortion – backstreet butchery. I can tell you as long as there is no access to safe abortion, the mother’s life is always in danger— Whores of Yore (@WhoresofYore) May 15, 2019

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